New Garage Door

If you are a new resident in the City of Kansas and you find a need for a new garage door that will make your home more beautiful, look no further than Caliber Garage Door Service. Let us know what your needs and wants are and we will do everything to satisfy you completely with our services and products. Contact us at (816) 281-8136 to book an appointment.


In Kansas City, there are lots of garage door service company that can provide your garage door needs but do they satisfy you? Can you count on them every time you needed to? If your answer is no, then choose Caliber Garage Door Service as your garage door specialist in town. We have been operating the business for years now and we can provide you with top quality services and products that you won’t find in any other garage door service companies in Kansas City. We are a dependable and trusted provider of new garage door products and installation. We also live in Kansas City, as such, we treat locals like our own family so expect that you will only experience 100% satisfaction.

As a family-owned company, Caliber Garage Door Service has a lot of knowledge when it comes to garage doors. We can definitely understand your want of top quality service because you do not want to waste the money you spend to pay for the new garage door that you will get. Now that Caliber Garage Door Service is just a phone call away, you can now have your satisfaction from our offers. We are open 24 hours a day, every day for the whole week, so every time you will be having an emergency, we can cover up for you immediately.


If there is something you want for a garage door that you have not seen yet from any marketplaces or from any garage door service companies, come and visit our showroom and we will present to you our wide selection of garage door products that are from different premium quality brands. If you need something unique and more personal, or you want a classic, modern, or customized garage door that will make people take a second look on your garage door, you can find all that in Caliber Garage Door Service. If you’re having trouble finding your own garage door because you have no time or you don’t have a keen eye to look for a perfect door to match the style of your home, we can help as well. We regularly guide our clients in that matter for FREE of charge so you will not anymore have an additional cost on you. We assure you that we are transparent and honest garage door experts that you can find in the industry.


Like we said earlier, Caliber Garage Door Service is open 24/7 and ready to help you in choosing the perfect garage door for your home. All you have to do is to let us know what are specifications and preferences you have in a garage door including your budget requirements so we can easily help you out. You will never have to worry when it comes to your new garage door when you decide to get them from us. Contact us at (816) 281-8136.